Why Every Local Business Needs a Landing Page in 2023 (trust us, it’ll change everything)

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Landing Pages are one of the top strategies to turn visitors into customers for local businesses. If you’re tired of waiting for the phone to ring and your enquiry forms are full of cobwebs then it’s probably time to try one of online marketing’s most effective strategies. In this article we’ll explain how using this strategy instead of directing all traffic to your website can benefit your business.

What is a Landing Page?

Put simply it is a standalone web page designed to achieve a single goal. It is different from a website’s homepage or ‘inner pages’ which may have multiple goals, lots of information and provide lots of additional information.

We’ve written before on the difference between a website and landing page so for more information head on over to that article here.

The benefits of having a landing page for your local business

So, exactly what are the benefits of a landing page from a a local business owners point of view?

1. Increased conversions

This is the #1 benefit of having a landing page for your local business. A landing page has a singular goal, and that goal is to get you enquiries!

By guiding the customer to the specific action you want them to take, such as filling in a form, making an appointment or giving a phone number a call you dramatically increase the chances of them completing the action.

Think about the last time you enquired with a local business, chances are you did it through a landing page!

The reason for this is while people might visit websites to get information, when it comes time to actually make an enquiry the user journey is entirely different.

High Converting Landing Page Example Printer Repair Corp
Sydney Localized Landing Page from Printer Repair Corp

2. Better targeting

A local business website is about,… well that local business, with all the information you could possibly want about, that business.

A landing page allows you to make the experience about the user. Giving the user exactly what they were looking for and providing a highly relevant experience, which ultimately leads to a better conversion rate and more enquiries.

Imagine if you were on Google looking for ‘hail damage repair’ and you had the option of looking through an auto shop or panel beaters website to see if they offered the service OR you hit a page that simply said ‘We fix all hail damage problems in [location] – Fill in this form for a fast quote’. What would you do?

Targeted Landing Page
Example of a targeted landing page from Clever Real Estate

3. Improved testing and measurement

Using a landing page simplifies tracking and measuring your marketing efforts. It becomes easy to understand where your conversions are coming from as there is a single goal and very simple attribution.

Landing pages are much easier to create variations of than a website so your development time is marginal. Need a lading page for another location? simply copy the page and change the content and you have a winning page without having to even touch your website.

A great strategy is to create a couple of different variations of your landing page and split the traffic to determine which variation gets the most conversions. You can use free tools such as Google Optimize to get clear reporting when running tests.

Your 2023 goal. Build a landing page for your local business

The benefits are clear, a landing page will get your business more conversions. Don’t wait any longer there are several ways to get up and running with little to no cost involved.

Here are a list of some tools you can use now to create a landing page.

  1. Hubspot
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Canva
  4. Unbounce
  5. Leadpages

These are only 5 examples, in no particular order, do some research and you will find several other options available. Now you’re up and building a landing page for your local business let’s look at some of the top tips to make sure you are creating an effective landing page.

Roller Disco Promotional Page from Skatescool
Roller Disco Landing Page From Skatescool

Tips for creating an effective landing page

Now we’ve been through the benefits of having a landing page, how do you create one that converts? Here are a few useful tips.

1. Keep it simple

A landing page should be focused and free of any distractions. Focus heavily on the main headline and sub-headline. These should grab the users attention and clearly communicate the value of the page.

2. Keep it targeted

A good idea for your first landing page is to pick exactly your most targeted audience, and if a local business remember to include the location!

For example if your business was a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand the landing page should be something like “Seafood Restaurant in Auckland” be very specific and clear on what the purpose of the page is to your target audience. Which leads onto:

3. Include a clear CTA (call-to-action)

The most important part of the landing page, what you want the visitor to do next. This must be compelling and clear. To continue on with the example above, maybe something like “Experience fresh, wonderful seafood [Book a table now!]”.

Often the call-to-action is an area that can be split-tested to discover what your visitors respond to most.

Solar Panel Installer Landing Page New York
Clear Call-To-Action button on Solar Groups Landing Pages

4. Include social proof

Include testimonials, reviews and logos of well known companies you have worked for or suppliers you represent. You can also include videos, images or accreditations to increase your trust and credibility.

5. An example framework

Here are some typical elements and basic framework to help you get started:

  1. A headline that clearly communicates the value proposition of the product or service being offered
  2. Subheadings that expand on the main benefit or offer
  3. Images or videos that help to illustrate the product or service and its benefits
  4. Testimonials or social proof to build trust and credibility
  5. A form or call to action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take the desired action
  6. Trust signals, such as security badges or money-back guarantees, to reassure visitors
  7. Secondary call to action – An email subscribe form or customer service phone number.

6. Don’t forget SEO

Give your new landing page every possible change of ranking in Google organic search by implementing basic on-page SEO.

Here is an article we published earlier on this topic.


A landing page can be a powerful tool for your local business, helping you increase conversion, target specific audiences and track your marketing efforts.

Now you understand the benefits and are armed with the tips above get started now and make 2023 one of your highest converting years yet!

Don’t wait any longer – start!

Additional Resources

Haven’t had your fill of information about this topic? Here’s some additional resources to keep you going on your journey.

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